During a Teekultur Crashkurs, someone asked me for the recipe of "eggs boiled with tea".
So here we are: I, who rarely cook, am giving cooking tips.
What a wonderful world.

茶叶蛋 Eggs boiled with tea

  1. Boil the eggs as usual for at least 7 minutes
  2. Turn off the herd, leave the eggs in the water, and smash the shells with, for example, a rolling pin (Nudelholz)
  3. For ten eggs, add 50 ml of soya sauce, 2 pieces of Chinese anise (Sternanis), 2 tablespoons of black tea (I prefer "darker" black tea, for example, Keemun), and some salt to the water
  4. Boil for another 35-40 minutes with low heat. Done.